Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Perhaps you’re one of the people that have been having severe headaches on how to break even financially, in this period of economic recession. Most likely several attempts have been made to create multiple streams of income, but it’s all been exercise in futility. If you fall into this category, I have good news for you, money making could be very simple, provided that you can write in simple communicable English and have basic computer proficiency.
You can get paid to write articles, reviews, and summaries online. Writing online is a great way of making money on the internet. Getting paid to write online is a lot easier than to try to get paid to write offline. Online you do not need a publishers approval to publish your writing. All you need to do is find a easy to use platform. One where you do not have to learn any technical stuff.
The major advantage is the royalties that accrue long after you’ve even forgotten about your write-up. If you can work up a good appetite on writing much income could be generated than you thought
Be rest assured this is not going to be a scam (anyway you won’t be needing to pay a dime to any account of mine). This is because; I will be very down to earth in helping you chart a course to a brighter financial future by just doing what you enjoy doing most.
Below are listed very wonderful platforms waiting for you to write for a pay, and guess what; you will find opportunities to write on what interests you, as there are varied opportunities. The list is succinctly elucidated upon below:
1.         Hubpages: 
This is the most popular get paid to write website. You create your own articles called hubs. Money can be made via four methods namely: Google Adsense, amazon products, ebay auctions and kontera textlinks. Don’t be scared all these can be easily applied once you’ve signed up. The google ads automatically appear.You split google adsense revenue with hubpages. You get 60% of earnings while hubpages gets the other 40%. Some people make up to $20,000 a year writing on hubpages.
2.         Helium:
This is another platform of writing for pay online. Money is however made in only one way here, which is by google ads. The plus on this website is that, quite a number of publishers fish out for professional writers on this website. Alot of people take the paycut to write articles in the hopes of getting hired to write for a blog, website, or business. You can also put the article up for sell in the helium marketplace for a set amount of money. If you choose this route you will need to write a long informative article for it to have any chance at selling.
3.         Associated Content:
This is also another good platform for writing that provides a lot of flexibility. You chose to write articles and reviews based on any topic of your choice. You get paid $1.50 per 1000 times your article is viewed. This seems quite inconsequential but wait a minute; associated content articles gets ranked high in google.
4.         ehow:
Thuis website is basically on writing on how to do things. It will be well agreed to that all we do in life can be reduced to a procedural manner. Hence anybody can get to write uniquely on how to do something. The revenue is from google ads and its shared 50% apiece between ehow and the article writer. They provide tips on how to generate traffic to your site and on how to write more efficiently.
5.         Teen Wire:
At Teen Wire articles that could be of interest to teenagers are requested. An average article should be like 600 words in length. Your write up will yield some cool money and help shape some teenagers life positively.
6.         Escape Homes:
Escape Homes wants members (you become one by registering) to write on topics bordering around travel and real estate. They a pay a price of $20 for articles for a good article of 300 words.
7.         The Dabbling mum:
The Dabbling Mum seeks for people whose got some experience with direct sales. Twelve high quality articles are needed that can be put together to form a column. The pay is $120 for all 12 articles. Articles have to between 500-750 words each
8.         Rewind the fifties:
This could be a good platform for retirees. Rewind the fifties is seeking to hire writers that will write good articles about the 50’s and 60’s. Articles between 250-500 words pay $10.
Articles over 500 words pay $20.
9.         Constant Content:
This is a unique website open to anyone residing in any part of the world. You get paid to write online and then sell the reprint rights to them. You set your own price depending on how good the article is. Some people with very good articles make up to $250.
10.       Epinions:
At Epinions you get paid to write reviews on movies, cars, books, websites, music, electronics, gifts, hotels, sporting equipment, and basically anything you want (this is a good avenue for movie freaks). How much you make depends solely on how many times your reviews are viewed.

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