Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Do you know how to type? Sure, yes I do, you respond. But I suspect that the next thing you say is that, what does that do for me. In this write-up I will show how it matters a lot, if you are interested in boosting your income. You do not need a website,
you do not need to download any type of software, and you do not need
to have any special skills! If you can type your name, you can do this too!
All you have to do is follow my simple step by step instructions and type, and yeepee you begin to rake in profits just working from home.
I assure this is not a scam, this is a properly researched write-up, on one of the ways that some wise guys have been using to make money via the internet. To further help you, it will interest you to know, that more than 12,000 companies are in dire need of people that can help out in data-entry. This is achieved by leasing out the typing jobs they need, so that their work gets pretty faster, and then best of all is that you share their profits with them.
Before you go further it’s important you know WHAT YOU ARE NOT TO EXPECT,
                              You will not be part of a down line or up line scam.
                              You will not be part of any type of pyramid scheme.
                              You will not have to answer or read e-mails.
                              You will not have to convince anyone to join our site.
                              You will not have to create or buy products.
                              You will not have to do anything illegal.
                              You will not have to deal with adult material.
                              You will not have to own a web site.
                              You will not have to process orders or ship anything.
                              You will not have to deal with customers.
                              You will not have to meet deadlines.
                              You will not be left without member support

Now let’s get to business. To be able to make cool money to augment your giving and spending via online typing, you need the following:
  1. Good typing Speed: This seems simple enough, for you to function effectively, you need just a typing speed that is above board (anybody used to the computer system can do this, more so that you’re surfing the internet now, you’re good probably). This is necessary so that you’ll be able to meet the deadlines.
  2. Hi-Speed internet: This is very important since more often than not, your typing work will be sent to you via email, and your own finished typing will be mailed back to. This will ensure there is no unnecessary time lag.
  3. Good English Readability: Since the companies that are leasing out the jobs use English Language as a medium of communication, anyone interested in working with them must have a good command of then English Language, in that you must find texts in English convenient to read and understand.
There are several thousands of companies looking for people like you that are hungry to employ their typing skills for a fee. To gain access to some of this companies you can visit www.make-n-dollars.com. After visiting this site (or any other site you googled) you register with them and then (some fee is required to get you registered with them, $50) carry out these simple steps highlighted below:
  1. Select a company from the online catalog

    2. Login to your account to access the data forms

    3. Copy and Paste the data required

    4. Submit the form

    5. That’s It!

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