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Blogs are a very wonderful way, of expressing your views and to create a platform for people online to access your writings. But is that all to blogging? Is there any other special thing related to websites and blog sites (apart from just displaying content). The good news is that you can make cool and legitimate money via your blogs. You must be kidding I here you say, but really it is very true and the whole essence of this write-up is to show you exactly just how.
Blogger provides a simple way for you to make money with your blog. AdSense is Google's content-targeted advertising program. This means that you don't select keywords or categories for your ads. Instead, Google's servers determine what your posts are about and display the most relevant ads to your readers. So, if you blog about baseball, there might be ads for Major League Baseball memorabilia next to your post. If you blog about painting, there might be ads for art supplies.
The good thing about Google Adsense is that, they receive 0% of your earnings. This is simply meaning that, all your earnings gets directly to you, NO COMMISSION TO BE PAID TO ANYBODY.
Before we skid straight to how to make money (in dollars) via Google Adsense, it’s only nice to know the basics of Google Adsesnse.
Google AdSense allows webmasters to dynamically serve content relevant advertisements on web pages. If the visitor clicks one of the AdSense ads served to the website, the website owner is credited for the referral. Google's AdSense program essentially allows approved websites to dynamically serve Google's pay-per-click AdWord results.

Website maintenance related to AdSense is very easy and requires very little effort. Webmasters need only to insert a Google generated java script into the web page or website template.
Google's spider parses the AdServing website and serves ads that relate to the website's content. Google uses a combination of keyword matching and context analysis to determine what ads should be served. The java script calls the ad from Google and will ensure that ads are served each time a visitor goes to the web page.

Early on Google implemented a filtering system that allowed webmasters to prevent a specific domain's ads from being served on any websites in their account. Ad blocking meant that webmasters could prevent their competitor's ads from being dynamically served on their websites.


1. Understand how AdSense Works
In order to make good profit from AdSense, it's not enough to just sign up and start publishing ads. First you must know its rules very well so that you don't break them including the methodology of payment. This helps so that you can develop your strategy accordingly. Visit Google's AdSense center to start learning.

2. Choose profitable keywords
Even if you already have an existing web site, in order to make money with AdSense you need to choose the most profitable keywords within your niche. You can help yourself by researching out the hottest searches, so that it can help in your choice of keywords. If you plan on writing your own content (as opposed to hiring freelancers or copywriters), it is also crucial that you know something about the subjects of those keywords and can research and write useful material on them.

3. Create useful, keyword-rich content
Once you have chosen your keywords, you can actively start creating content while keeping those keywords in mind. Don't start keyword-spamming, because users will not find your site useful, and while they might click on an ad just to get away from your page, that's not a profitable or traffic-building strategy. If your content doesn't make sense, you also risk getting banned by Google not just the AdSense program but the search engine too!

4. Place your ads strategically.

The placement of your ads within your content really matters. The optimum placement will of course depend on your design and how your text are placed. You also have the choice between image, text and video-based ads, and how well one works for you will depend on your readership, the type of your content and primarily your existing web design. Many WordPress themes and the like come already enabled for displaying ads, but don't let that prevent you from trying different options and choosing for yourself which one has the best ROI.

5. Build traffic

The more traffic your site has, the more users will click on your ads - it's that simple. Traffic building is a whole another blog post, but remember that it goes hand in hand with creating useful, keyword-oriented content! Building traffic is core since the payment is done on a PPC (Pay per Click) method. The more people click your ads, the higher the profits
Making money with AdSense is easy - once you understand the program and follow some simple strategies for maximizing your profits

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