Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Daily in the newspapers and on TV there are a lot of adverts of obituaries of various people in the category are:

  1. Young and Old
  2. Rich and Poor
  3. Illiterate and Literate
  4. People in first world and third world countries
  5. Christians and Unbelievers
  6. Sick and healthy
  7. Good and Wicked people

All these people die and the funny thing is none of them could ever predict the day the died. Most people who die (and we are talking of at least 2 people per second) were never thinking of death at the moment.

This makes me go straight to the point I am making that YOU WILL LIVE ON THIS PLANET EARTH ONLY ONCE. Immediately you die or the trumpet blows that's ALL, you have NO SECOND chance. This calls for extreme soberness in our day to day living, because your decisions now will influence YOUR eternal status FOREVER (i.e for countless trillions of millennial).

Therefore seeing all these what manner of men ought we to be in ALL manner of holy conversations. This means that:
If you must repent of any sin , DO IT NOW
If you must do any restitution; DO IT NOW
If you must give anything to advance gospel; DO IT NOW
If you must intercede for anyone; DO IT NOW
If you must obey any divine instruction; DO IT NOW

Soonest it will be ALL over and you won't regret your life in Jesus name. I close in the words of Jim Elliot (missionary martyr to the Auca Indians in Ecuador) that "LIVE IN SUCH  A WAY THAT WHEN YOU COME TO DIE THERE WILL BE NOTHING ELSE TO DO THAN TO DIE"

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