Thursday, April 5, 2012


In these days a lot is been said about women negatively (though that is not the purpose of this write up), but we need to see how powerful a creation that women are. Two powerful scriptures that come to mind are: “The Lord gave the command, and many women carried the news’ Ps 68: 11” and “…. And the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent” Gen 3: 15.

God is waiting to see a generation of woman that will live on this earth, that will deal a very deadly blow to the devil and it’s works (no matter the devil hates women with passion) and you are one of them. Below is a list of women who have shaped generation past for God, so that you can take the baton from them and run

1. Mary the mother of Jesus: She gave us the saviour of the whole world. The price she paid was to be a virgin and she was singled out in her generation. Even though the world despises virginity, God rewards it still (virginity in this context is a decision to be CHASTE now that you are in Christ no matter your past.
2. Mary Magdalene: This woman was one from whom the Lord drove out seven demons, she was given to immorality but when she encountered Christ a radical turn around took place and she poured a perfume worth of one year’s wages on Christ. WHAT SACRIFICE WILL YOU RENDER TO MAKE YOUR NAME UNFORGETABLE IN ETERNITY?
3. Mary Slessor: She came to Nigeria in her twenties and she became one of the most celebrated foreigners that ever lived in the country. She translated the Bible to the first local language Nigeria (i.e Efik), literally shut the mouth of beasts in evil forest to be able to stop the killing of twins.
4. Mother Theresa: She was a Catholic Nun that spent about 70 years of her life serving the lepers of Calcutta, India. She made a statement that “If God can find any woman more useless than me, God can still use that person more than me” (paraphrased). She entered into her life ministry of helping the poor at age 18 years (think about your age, and do something)
5. Gloria Bamiloye: Mount Zion is one of the great Christian Drama ministries all round the continent. Little do most people know that the original vision for the ministry was from Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye (not even the husband)? She started pursing in school at your age and you can take a cue from her to begin to live highly focused and purposeful lives.

 God is still in need of such women as these enlist and run fully with God’s vision for your life, because the baton’s been passed to you.

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