Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Eh stop it and don"t try it, because the next attempt at committing that sin might be the end. Consider the following questions before venturing into that compromise:

  1. What if the next minute was your last on earth
  2. What if the full consequence of that sin comes t his time around
  3. What if what you think is secret is been spread around by the very people you think will shield you
  4. What if your partners in the sin have repented leaving you behind to your life of sin
  5. What if the RAPTURE takes place NOW.
Please carefully consider these questions and act repentantly. Please dear friend stop taking God for granted for behold the kindness and severity of God. He is both loving and His also a consuming fire (Hebrews 12: 29). For the eyes of God are to holy to behold iniquity, instead of falling to that sin why not fall into prayers beseeching God earnestly to deliver u from this moment of temptation.

God understands the severity of d temptation and just call upon Him asking for His help describing in details the way you are feeling and how weak you are to overcome the temptation. Remember He said in Jeremiah 33: 3 "Call upon me and I will answer you..."

As you decide to repent now God bless you

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